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Beatz Inc Music

Beatz Inc Music was founded in 2013 by a group of beatboxers who firmly believes in the proper teaching of the art of Beatbox. It is founded out of love and passion for beatboxing, as well as the belief that beatboxing is an art, a craft, a discipline as well as a lifestyle. 


We inspire to spread the love of beatboxing to everyone, regardless of age or gender. 

Here at Beatz Inc Music, we not only teach the basic sounds needed to start off beatboxing. We too teach you the values that started off the art of Beatbox. We will equip you with the right mindset and attitude to continue your passion. We will also focus on developing your creativity as an individual artist. 

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In our logo, there is a microphone. 

A microphone is a necessity and daily life object for beatboxers. We use it to jam, practice, perform and collaborate with other artists. In short, the microphone is our way of representing the art of Beatbox. 

The diamond in the center represents the heart and the mind, a perfect and harmonious balance that we aim to achieve. 

Everyone Can Beatbox is what we believe in. If you are willing to learn, we will always be here to teach. 

Why Choose Us?

Educational Aspect

  • Our instructors are MOE-registered. 

  • Our programmes are NAC-AEP approved.

  • Our instructors are well trained and equipped with the necessary knowledge and experience to teach.

  • Our instructors are the best of the industry.

  • We train the students not how to beatbox, but how to BE a beatboxer. 

  • We provide a holistic education through the art of beatbox. 

Performances Aspect 

  • We cater to your needs. No matter what your performance require, we will specially customise your performance.

  • We provide quality performance. Our performers are the best in the industry and they uphold a high standard.

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