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The Team

Our Team here at Beatz Inc Music are experienced beatboxers who are skilled in their craft, believes in the proper education when instructing and guiding in the art of Beatbox. Everyone here are passionate individuals with their own performing styles and creativity construct. 


They are well balanced in the skills of instructing and the skill of performance. 

Our team consists of both gents and ladies, so as to better cater for our students. 



Elaine - E-Ling

Formerly known as Lil E, she started beatboxing at the age of 14 in 2007. She started out as a vocal percussionist for The Acappella Society - TAS Youth voices and made a name for herself till 2012.  In 2015, she was part of the judging panel for BeatAlley - Back to Roots edition that was held on 19th June. Since then she has been the first female in Singapore's history to represent Singapore in the World Beatbox Championship and has been guest judging for several overseas beatboxing competitions. She is now regularly touring as a vocal artist performing and teaching around the world. 

Z loco.jpeg

Zack - Z Loco

ZicMu is known as the demon beatboxer due to his sound effects. He started beatboxing in 2003, and teaching in MOE schools in 2005. He started off as a vocal percussionist for the group "17.5". He then moved on to The Acappella Society - Youth Voices and then to the adult team of The Acappella Society. In 2009, he formed the first beatbox crew known as "Beatz" and is now doing Emcee and teaching the art of Beatbox in the old-school style. He is currently performing with a band known as "The Lost Hat", whose main focus is on gypsy music and bringing the local arts scene together as a whole. Recently, ZicMu has also revamped his idenitity as a rapper/beatboxer known as Z loco. 

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Kai is a beatboxer, live-looping artist, and member of local a cappella group Vocaluptuous. He has taught his craft at all levels, ranging from schools and universities to a number of arts venues including workshops at the Esplanade Rehearsal Studio and for trade school singapore, with a unique pedagogy and syllabus praised by students and industry professionals alike. He has performed at numerous venues both local and international, notably headlining the Y2K14 Live Loop Asia Festival in Singapore and performing as a Featured Artist at the Y2K14 International Live Looping Festival in California, USA. Also known for his work in the a cappella scene, he has directed and arranged for various groups and events, and was selected to attend an intensive audition-only programme in Los Angeles run by Avi Kaplan of Pentatonix and Ben Bram and Robert Dietz of The Sing-Off.

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Aizad - DZ-Beatz

DZ-Beatz is a cheerful and high-spirited beatboxer who started the journey of the craft in year 2007. He has loads of passion and pride for the art of Beatbox. He joined Republic Polytechnic's Rhapsody in 2010 and in 2011, he started to guide his juniors to excel in the art of Beatboxing. He then began to teach in MOE Schools along with several other notable beatboxers such as Lil E & ZicMu in 2012. 
Throughout his journey as a beatboxer, he has participated in various beatboxing competitions. He is the Two- Time Champion for National Acappella Championship 2011 and 2012  as well as Semi-finalist for SG Beatbox 2013. Recently, he has also attained the 1st runner-up placing for the 2016 International Acappella Championship - Beatbox Solo Category.

As an instructor he believes that age doesn't matter as long as the individual has the passion and pride for the art of Beatbox.

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Reggie - Blish 

Blish is a dedicated instructor who firmly believes in the proper guidance of the art of Beatbox. He started beatboxing in year 2007. He started performing at several of his secondary school events and Ngee Ann Polytechnic's school events. He won the Singapore Beatbox Championship in 2012 and is now recognised as one of the most versatile and promising beatboxers in representing Singapore for the World Beatbox Championship. 

In 19th June 2015, he was crowned as the champion for the BeatAlley - Back to the Roots edition. He hopes to grow the beatboxing community in Singapore as a whole for better recognition in the world beatboxing stage.

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Darren started beatboxing since 2007. He has performed for various places such as *Scape, School events as well as community centres. Throughout the years, he also had experience conducting small classes and workshops in order to spread the art of beatbox. His goal is to share not only his sounds and beats but to also inspire others to push the limits of beatboxing and using the art of beatbox to create music. 

He is a fun loving instructor who doesn't believe in "no talent" and his strong belief is deep rooted in the fact that anyone can beatbox with passion and hardwork. Darren has also trained with one of singapore's best and is currently one of singapore's most active beatboxer in the forth generation of the Singapore beatboxing scene. 

The Future

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Jin Heng - JH

Captain of the ITE Beatbox CCA, JH believes in the importance of teaching proper and sharing his share of knowledge through the art of beatbox. 

He started beatboxing in 2012 and his passion for the art gradually grew. Till date he has participated in several beatboxing competitons such as BeatAlley - Back to the Roots edition and The Battle. He has also performed for several occasions such as Enter The Void Deck 9 - 90's Edition. 

His quirky and fun loving character is a great addition to the team. 

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Samantha - Sam 

Our female instructor in training, she has taken over the baton from Jin Heng as the current captain of the ITE Beatbox CCA, where she helps to guide and lead the newer generation of beatboxers. 

She started beatboxing in 2015 and fell in love with the art. She has also recently clinched a 3rd in the beatboxing competition held in ITE Central. 

As a female beatboxer, her humbleness and keen learning attitude will be an inspiration for the future generation of beatboxers. 

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