Beatboxing in Schools 

Our minstry of education (MOE) here in Singapore has always emphasized on the importance of developing their students in a holistic manner. In the sense the objective of education is not only just in academic context, but also in the context of a aesthetics/arts/music direction.  According to the Desired Outcomes of Education listed on MOE website, there are several moral values that students must possess at the end of education. 

Hence, here at Beatz Inc Music, we have specially catered the lesson plan to fit the Key Stage Outcomes of Education for the various levels (Primary, Secondary, Tertiary). As we see the art of Beatboxing as a proper music discipline, we will be teaching the students the necessary understanding of music theory used in the art of Beatboxing. (See FAQ here)


Our courses are NAC-AEP certified and all our instructors are MOE-Registered. 

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