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Private Classes

Here at Beatz Inc Music, a class is not just a class. We provide a mode of relaxation and destressing. We strive to teach the art of beatboxing in a fun-filled way with interpersonal instructors. We are not teachers, we are facilitators here to aid you in the journey of discovering your own passion in the art of Beatbox. 


This class is for people who wish to learn a new skill that will help them further their own music careers (singers, music composers, music producers, musicians). This class is also for people who discovered their passion in beatboxing, went through youtube, but still face difficulties getting the sounds down. If you simply want to have fun and know more people, feel free to join us!

For individuals who wish to learn more about the benefits and flexibility of beatboxing, please navigate to the FAQ

Interested to know who are the instructors that you can learn from? Click here!

Simply pick from the list of instructors, let us know if you are coming by yourself or in a group and contact us here!

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